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On the bank of the Yamuna River, where Gambhira now stands, Sri Radha and Sri Krishna used to arrive by boat and meet for their nightly trysts. The Gambhira river bank is also well known as the Bhramar Ghat or Bhaunra Ghat, where the famous dialogue between Uddhava, Sri Krishna’s messenger from Mathura, and the Gopis, Sri Krishna’s beloveds took place. In this interaction love and service won over the philosophy and rituals. In literature this dialogue is celebrated as the famous Bhramar Gita, the song of the bee. In the early 18th century, Maharaja Savai Jai Singh II, a great king, creator of Jaipur, philosopher and a scientist made this important cultural landmark as his spiritual and scholarly retreat. Hence, Gambhira is also known as Jai Singh Ghera.
In 1972 the cultural and religious activities of the centre were formally launched with the founding of the Sri Caitanya Prema Samsthana (SCPS). SCPS has long recognized the need for fostering Vraja culture. In this effort it has created facilities for the documentation and preservation of the varied artifacts of this culture. The Samsthana patronises music and the arts, scholarship on Vrindavan and its region and on Vaisnava history and philosophy. It especially supports the Rasalila and the arts associated with them.




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